• Robyn Davie

Sherbet Angel Launch in Linden, Johannesburg

Wow this was a fabulous event! The team at Sherbet Angel really treated their guests to a fantastic evening - with a custom gin bar, delish snacks, and champers! And then the highlight of the evening - the arrival of their brand new Sherbet Angel Beauty Bus! Gorgeous work by the ladies at Bespoke PR as well!

We're very excited about this new aspect of our business - namely our associate photographer program, whereby we employ young photographers, train them and watch them flourish as they set out on photographic assignments and projects.

This incredible team have such a creative eye for taking photos. They are reliable, fun to be around, and always astonish me with their beautiful captures of kids birthdays, weddings and corporate events.

To find out more about how my associate photographer program works please follow this link.


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