• Robyn Davie

Camilla's Bachelorette | Shot by RDP Team

"Let us be strong, brave and kind. Let us love endlessly while keeping ourselves in mind. Let us empower others and be elated. Let us know this is the time for which we waited." -Soulful penguin

Here at Robyn Davie Photography, we believe that building a tribe is so so important. 

That’s why in early 2016, Robyn decided to expand her business - seeing the huge benefit of surrounding herself with an incredible team, and therefore being able to meet her growing client base’s needs more adequately. 

Our RDP team now consists of six associate photographers, two editors and an office manager, and of course Robyn herself! It’s amazing to have this tribe around us, and to constantly encourage and support each other. 

This incredible team have such a creative eye for taking photos. They are reliable, fun to be around, and always astonish us with their beautiful captures of kids birthdays, family sessions and corporate events.

To find out more about how our associate photographer program works please follow this link:


Robyn Davie Photography


Lifestyle Family Photo Shoots | Johannesburg, South Africa

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